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We are experienced buyers of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties, which means our purchasing process is hassle-free. 


We will offer a fair price, can pay in cash, and are capable of purchasing properties with limited contingencies. We also offer fast closings with one attorney, who has decades of real estate experience and finalizes all of our deals.


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We specialize in purchasing properties that need attention. We work hard to restore them to their original character while outfitting them with modern amenities. 

These updated structures add beauty to their neighborhoods and attract new businesses and tenants to the area.

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We invest in all of our properties, and we are dedicated to maintaining them with care.

Our expert team handles all interior, exterior and lawn maintenance. In the winters, we plow each of our tenant's driveways for easy and safe access. And our team is always one call away to assist with any problem that arises. 

Interested in renting? Here's what's currently available.

Easy Real Estate Transactions

Historic Renovations & Restorations

Quality Tenant Amenities

Established in 2012, Hook & Ladder Development is a real estate holdings company owned and operated by three Buffalo Firefighters. We have dedicated our lives to serving our city and are committed to its continued revitalization.

At Hook & Ladder, our approach is driven by our area's rich history and character. Instead of building new structures, we work to restore those already standing with salvaged materials whenever possible. As a result, we can provide our tenants with high-quality living spaces that enhance the overall appearance of our community and strengthen the neighborhoods in which they're located.

We offer over a decade of real estate and contracting experience.

From left to right are Gino Gatti, John Otto and Peter Scarcello. All work at the same firehouse--Engine 21, Ladder 6 and Rescue 1--at Jefferson and Kingsley.

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